Distant (remote) healing

Individual Distant Sessions

These sessions help clients receive insights, healing and transformation in any place in the world.

Jani uses a number of therapy modalities, like constellation work, visionary craniosacral therapy, intuitive energy healing, etc.

Depending on what is needed, the sessions can also heal blockages and imbalances in the body's chakra system, organ systems and general energy flow. Jani can also check for food intolerances and energetic disturbances like water lines etc, if requested.
Feedback is given right after sessions, via WhatsApp or email.

During distant sessions, Jani intuitively tunes in with your energy to heal and transform physical and emotional blockages. 

Feedback is sent via WhatsApp or email directly after sessions.

Sessions can be done as a once-off treatment, or you can have regular sessions (a maximum of two sessions per month, to give your system time to integrate the inner shifts).

Group Distant Sessions

The themes for upcoming group sessions are emailed via Jani's Newsletter.

During group sessions she intuitively tunes in with the group as well as individuals participating, to pick up on subtle blockages, as well as the ways to help shift them. 

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