Distant (remote) healing

Individual Distant Sessions

These sessions help clients receive insights, healing and transformation in any place in the world.

I use a number of therapy modalities, like constellation work, visionary craniosacral therapy, intuitive energy healing, kinesiology etc. - and sometimes combine them with a card reading.

During distant sessions, I intuitively tune in with the body's energy to heal and transform physical and emotional blockages. 

Sessions can be done as a once-off treatment, or you can have regular sessions as part of your journey.

Feedback is given straight after sessions, via WhatsApp or email.

Group Distant Sessions

Welcome to remote Group sessions!I've been offering these sessions since 2014, and am still amazed by how much the healing energy is amplified by a group of people with the same focus.

I'd like to share some words here from one of my teachers, Thomas Huebl, about the energetics of group healing, as he describes it so beautifully:


"We-healing has a tremendous power. Everyone is present with the process that's happening.. these are amazingly sacred moments. We-spaces can mirror unseen elements and make them visible. The power of presence and inner connection and the power of we-spaces highly accellerate the healing process. This is very promising - when we come together and we create meaningful communities of healing, the we-field has a much higher capacity to transform past into presence. And when we transform, we are open to receive updates from the future.It's a powerful tool that we have.. our technology we are using and the current challenges around the globe actually forces us to go into that direction because it's the spirit of our time."



Feedback is sent via WhatsApp after sessions (or email, if you don't have WhatsApp).

No names or personal details are disclosed to other participants.Your privacy is very important to me, and no details are ever shared or misused. You're welcome to unsubscribe from my mailing or broadcast lists at any time!


The themes for upcoming group sessions are usually sent via WhatsApp broadcast, and sometimes emailed via my Newsletter.

During group sessions I intuitively tune in with the group as well as individuals participating, to pick up on subtle blockages, as well as the ways to help shift them. 

distant session


Thank you Jani.. the daily sessions have truly assisted my process and I experienced many huge releases and AHA moments.. I thank the Universe for YOU!


Thank you Jani for an amazing journey this week - I'm full of gratitude and feeling very blessed that I could be part of it. Everything was spot on and resonated deeply with me!