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Whispers of Nature is situated in the heart of the Garden route of South Africa, with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, forests, lakes and the ocean..
We are an eco-friendly, organic homestead and offering a holistic workshop venue with accommodation. 
This project is an exciting work in progress and it’s about learning, living a fulfilled and joyful life and contributing in a meaningful way to the ecology and economic and social environment.
​There are bushbuck, wild pigs, porcupines, caracal, honey badgers, mongoose and guinea fowl that roam the farm. The exotic Knysna Turaco sometimes makes its appearance, and we are frequently visited by Jackal buzzards!
This part of South Africa has exceedingly beautiful afromontane forests, beaches, water falls, hikes, kayaking, paragliding, tre canopy tours, surfing, sailing, kloofing, mountain biking, birdwatching and pretty much any other activity you can think of - all in a 40km radius from Whispers of Nature. 
                                Jani is a transformational facilitator & holistic healer and Fabian is a consultant & teacher for organic gardening, farming and permaculture.

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Healing in Nature


There is an interwoven relationship between body, mind, soul and Nature. 
An imbalance in any one of these will have an effect on the others, and also be mirrored in our daily lives, our relationships and our social and natural environment. 

Restoration of this intricate relationship is my passion and the foundation of my work.
I belief that Healing is a form of art, which can unfold most effectively on the empty canvas of Presence.
Being present with things the way they are, in a still, conscious, non-judgmental, compassionate way, allows access to a deeper knowing.. also called intuition, our innate healing Intelligence or the voice of Spirit/God.. Presence itself.

The foundation for healing, integration and trauma release, is the holding of a healing space, called Presence. Focusing on the root cause instead of the symptoms. From a spiritual point of view, presence can be considered bringing forth the pure spirit we were created as, to bear witness in every encounter, thereby inviting the spirit of the other in communion, which in turn is an invitation to the Spirit we were created from, to be present.
James E.Miller describes it beautifully in his book The Art of Being a Healing Presence:
"Healing presence is the condition of being consciously and compassionately in the present moment with another or with others, believing in and affirming their potential for wholeness, wherever they are in life."

Presence then guides us and shows us what is needed for healing, transformation or integration to take place. It could be that more stillness is needed, or a certain therapy modality, or a phrase. Maybe an insight will surface. Or a hidden family dynamic will become visible. The beauty of spiritually guided healing sessions is that they are always fresh and new - no two sessions are the same, nor the therapeutic interventions. When we truly open ourselves to Presence, anything is possible!

I've always loved to be in Nature.. it makes me feel alive, centered and connected. It nourishes my soul! 
And I love offering sessions in or close to Nature. 
Nature is always there with gentle support, also during healing work.

I believe that when we can restore our connection with nature, and our sense of belonging to it, most of our current day dilemmas would be solved!

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We are offering personalized, as well as group retreats in the heart of the Garden route, South Africa - on a quiet, picturesque place between Knysna and Wilderness.
With views on the ocean, lakes, mountains and forests.. you can let go and let be - and open up to a deeper connection with Nature herself.
We are completely off-grid and eco friendly; with solar energy, rain water, solar ovens and cookers, organic herbs and veggies.

Retreats consist of a range of healing, transformational and/or relaxing sessions/activities, including:

Forest immersion walks
Guided meditations
Craniosacral therapy
Family, Systemic, New (Quantum) or Nature constellation work
Energy healing
Intuitive counselling
Trauma processing
Sound healing meditation
Chakra balancing
Nature Vision quests ​


We have a newly renovated guest room, separate from the main farmhouse, with two single beds, a shared bathroom and an outdoor kitchenette.

Soon we will have two more options to offer guests:
- Camping for those who want a full nature immersive experience.
- A beautiful 2-bedroom rustic cottage, surrounded by forest with views of the ocean and lakes