Healing & inner transformation

"Your vision will become clear only

When you look into your heart.

Who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks inside, awakens."

~Carl G. Jung


Jani offers a wide range of gentle, non-manipulative therapy modalities like constellations (family, systemic, new and nature constellations), visionary craniosacral therapy, kinesiology, systemic and trauma counselling, and Dorn spinal alignment.

She also does therapy on animals via distant healing, by using a photo.

Sessions aim to heal, transform and empower by revealing the hidden causes and/or messages behind recurring patterns and physical & emotional symptoms.


Individual distant (remote) healing sessions and in-person sessions are both offered.

Also available are sessions via the online platforms Zoom or WhatsApp.

Distant group sessions have a particular theme, and notifications of upcoming sessions are sent via a newsletter. Distant group sessions can be booked here.

Jani offers constellation circles, workshops, meditations and other events. You can subscribe to her Newsletter to be notified of upcoming events.


Every session is unique and addresses that which needs to be transformed at the time. This can range from a gentle balancing and removing of energy blockages, reprogramming of negative belief systems to healing of deep-seated emotional wounds and releasing of personal or inter-generational trauma. 

With compassion and empathy, Jani intuitively guides clients into delving deeper - to uncover hidden patterns and obstacles that stand in the way of living life fully and freely. 


About Jani

Life always tries, again and again, to bring unresolved wounds/traumas to our awareness - either through physical symptoms, or through repetitive unpleasant patterns in life.
Having suffered trauma and abuse in my childhood, and after that, in unhealthy relationships, I suffered from chronic fatigue, leaky gut and hormonal imbalances - all symptoms of unresolved complex trauma/PTSD. This eventually culminated in severe burnout. 
Newly returned from Germany, where I studied naturopathy, craniosacral therapy for babies & newborns, Dorn spinal alignment and kinesiology, my burnout of 10 years hit an all-time low in 2011.  As I couldn’t work (I was a pharmacist back then), my finances took a huge dip and I couldn’t afford medical treatment or alternative therapy. 
I knew how to apply kinesiology to heal emotional wounds and the physical and emotional progress I made with treating core wounds, gave me much needed hope and encouragement for my healing journey.

I came to realize that my life story could be seen as a blessing and a gift, instead of a burden or unfair. This was deeply empowering, as I could let go of thinking there’s something wrong with me and my past, and rather embrace the idea that it's all part of a bigger, divine, perfect plan - that fitted right in with my passion for the healing arts! 

The experiences from my past and my ensuing healing journey helped me to develop tenacity and a practical approach towards healing. It taught me to be non-judgmental and hold a compassionate space for healing to occur. Being empathic and sensitive, I am blessed with a natural intuition, which my challenging past enhanced. Over the years, I started to rely more and more on my intuitive ability to access healing and insights in sessions.

"By delving deep into the difficulties, one gets to see them as the gifts they are - gateways to deeper connection, inner peace and belonging!"



  •   B. Pharmaciae: North-West University, South Africa             

  •   B.Sc Microbiology: University of South Africa               

  •   Craniosacral therapy I&II: Upledger Institute, United Kingdom               

  •   Craniosacral therapy for Children & Newborns: Upledger Institute, Germany

  •   Dorn & Breuss spinal alignment (advanced training) : DORN Method Foundation South Africa               

  •   Touch for Health I&II: Reichold Institute, Germany               

  •   Holistic Medical Kinesiology: Reichold Institute, Germany               

  •   Reiki I,II & Master: Jutta Dobler, Namibia

  •   "Presence in Love" Trauma Counselling: Turiya Hanover              

  •   Dip. Herbology: SA College of Natural Medicine

  •   Cranial Osteopathic Concepts: Dr Amos Heller, UK

  •   Visceral Manipulation I: Barral Institute USA

  •   Family Constellations and Systemic Solutions in the field of Health and Illness - Stephan Hausner

  •   Systemic counselling and constellation work - Heribert Doeringmeijer

  •   Quantum Constellations module I - Claudia Vassao

  •   African Constellation Experience Intensive - Tanja Meyburgh, Francesca Mason-Boring, Stephan Hausner

  •  Trauma and Constellations - Rasada Goldblatt

  •  Nature Constellations - Francesca Mason-Boring

  •  Systemic Ritual: The Wheel of Well-being - Aleksandra Shymina

  •  Shamanic healing - Werner Gertz and Inge-Kuruna Mausberg

  •  The Mystical Principles of Healing - Thomas Hübl

  •  Advanced Mystical Principles for Healers - Thomas Hübl

  •  Nutritional therapy: Akademie für Ganzheitsmedizin, Heidelberg, Germany

  •  Ausleitverfahren: Akademie für Ganzheitsmedizin, Heidelberg, Germany

  •  Naturopathy: Akademie für Ganzheitsmedizin, Heidelberg, Germany


"The sessions with Jani have helped me to regain balance and order in my life. She is able to apply her calming healing methods with great effect. The sessions are to the point and gentle. Through tapping and kinesiology methods, Craniosacral Therapy and Constellation set ups I was able to feel an immediate change in my body, mind and soul. The distant healing sessions are also incredibly powerful! Due to the fact that we project what we think and feel- onto our outside world, healers are able to pick up those vibrations and change negative thoughts and behaviours into positive ones and better flow of energy. Again, without having to discuss current issues in my life, Jani is always spot on when it comes to identifying current problem areas and turning that negative flow of energy into positive, healing energy. After sessions with Jani, whether attending physical sessions or distant healing, I have found that my general consciousness has shifted into a higher vibrational energy field, resulting in a general feeling of wellbeing and openness to healing and change. I especially appreciate her great sensitivity and ability to connect with people on a very spiritual level. Not many words have to be exchanged, in order for her to understand and appropriately tackle and heal blocks and situations that keep us from optimal progression in life."  

- Katharina Berner