'Nature contains deep wisdom, and a deep capacity for healing. 


Nature 'around' us, of which we are a part of.

And our own inner, true nature.


The one is mirrored in the other.

And the true nature of everything.. is Love. 


When we access that deep place within

- the core of our true nature -

we invite Grace:

love, support, strength, joy, wisdom & guidance..

Life itself..'

-Jani Schneider

The journey to a fulfilling life can take many paths, and be accessed through different 'shadow' doorways:

- through the physical body, via eg. traumatic memories stored in the cells of our bodies, causing pain, burnout etc.

- through emotional difficulties, like PTSD, depression, anxiety and repeating patterns;

- through spiritual disconnect, like a general sense of distrust in life, feeling alone, not belonging, disconnected from the self.

Our true nature is boundless joy, contentment and unconditional love - especially towards ourselves..

Nature and our inner, true nature is constantly communicating with us, whispering to us, calling us 'home'.

When we heed this inner call, it guides us on a healing and transformational journey to wholeness.

Addressing the core of physical & emotional trauma, pain, childhood neglect, inter-generational baggage, relationship patterns, etc., and

an intuitive, holistic approach -  incorporating body, mind and spirit

these two components form the foundation of my work.

 Sessions are always guided by the whispers of the client's soul or true nature,

and often, Nature herself..



I'm Jani

.. a naturopath specializing in healing trauma, deep-seated emotional wounds, and everything that stands in the way of experiencing a sense of inner peace, joy & contentment.

I'm from the 'desert' - beautiful Namibia, a place of harsh climates and environments, and was born in a town of war, Grootfontein.. meaning 'big fountain'.

This metaphorical core of strength has guided me through immense trauma & difficulties in my life, and shaped my path towards the healing arts.

Such a 'fountain' exists at everyone's core - it's our true nature and our 'saving grace'. 

It's this place within that we can connect with, and that can be tapped into for guidance on a healing journey.

It's a seed of immense healing resources that can greatly assist in healing deep trauma and other emotional & physical difficulties.

The therapy modalities I most often use are constellations (family, systemic, nature and trauma), craniosacral therapy and systemic & trauma counseling. 

I rely on both a deeply intuitive approach as well as the practical knowledge from a 15 year background in pharmacy & microbiology and 17 years in alternative therapy. 

Deeply passionate about nature and animals, they are often included in sessions for clients, and in nature retreats & constellations.

Sessions available:

- Distant sessions, done remotely with feedback afterwards;

- Online sessions on Zoom;

- Themed distant session series; 

- Online constellation circles;

- distant therapy for animals and the natural world, like land constellations.


You're welcome to contact me to find out more about the various options.

Much light on your journey!


“Obey the nature of things (your own nature) and you will walk free and undisturbed” - Seng T'san