Nature contains deep wisdom, and deep healing capacity. 


Nature 'around' us, of which we are a part of.

And our own inner, true nature.


The one is mirrored in the other.

And the true nature of everything is Love. 


When we access that deep place - the core 

 of our true nature, we open up to Grace:

love, support, strength, purpose, joy, wisdom & guidance..

Life itself..



My life's purpose is being a Life doula.. to assist in the journey of uncovering, of bringing to life, the true nature of others.


I have walked this path of Death to Life, and am still journeying on it..

- on an emotional level of deep trauma, depression and utter disconnect;

- and on a physical level of childhood trauma stored in my body, burnout etc.

Being from the 'desert', Namibia and

born in a place of war, Grootfontein.. meaning 'big fountain'.

Such a fountain is always there, at our core.. our true nature and our saving Grace. 


My life's purpose is to help you find that inner core of Life-giving water, to step into that flow of grace - a place of deep connection and belonging within your true nature.

To assist you in becoming all you can be, live life fully.. and live your purpose fully. 

Your true nature is boundless joy, contentment, compassion and unconditional love - especially towards yourself!

Nature and our inner, true nature is constantly communicating with us, whispering to us, calling us 'home'.

When we heed this inner call, it guides us on a healing and transformational journey to wholeness.

In my practice, I address the core of physical & emotional trauma, pain, childhood neglect, inter-generational baggage, relationship patterns and other difficulties.

Following a holistic approach - working on the body, mind and spirit.

Always guided by the whispers of your true nature and/or Nature herself.


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I'm Jani..

A naturopath dedicated to helping you free yourself from everything that's holding

you back from being all you can be!

I specialize in healing trauma and deep-seated emotional wounds, but I'm equally passionate about helping to release 'everyday' burdens to increase the sense of joy & contentment - our lives are short and should be lived to the fullest!

The therapy modalities I most often use are constellations (family, systemic, nature and spiritual),

visionary craniosacral therapy, kinesiology, energy healing and systemic & trauma counseling. 

I rely on both a deeply intuitive approach as well as the practical knowledge that comes

with a 15 year background in pharmacy & microbiology and 16 years in alternative healing.

I offer distant as well as online sessions for individuals as well as constellation circles for groups. 

And distant animal therapy!

“Obey the nature of things (your own nature) and you will walk free and undisturbed” - Seng T'san

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Wilderness, Western Cape, South Africa

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