Breathe In, Breathe Out, Be.

Welcome to Whispers of Nature, a holistic, eco-friendly farm & healing retreat centre in the heart of the Garden Route of South Africa. We combine sustainable living methodologies with intuitive, holistic healing and living to promote wellbeing for the planet and for all living beings.

Visit us at Whispers of Nature and experience the positive changes that connection and mindfulness can make.


About Whispers of Nature

A Life of Balance

Our aim is to live in harmony with the earth and as self-sufficiently as possible, connected with ourselves, the earth and community. Our wish is to serve with inspiration, healing and teaching.
Jani is a holistic healing practitioner, with a degrees in pharmacy and microbiology. She specializes in healing trauma and deep-seated emotional wounds. 
Fabian is a trained environmental geographer, botanist agroecologist and permaculturist with many years' experience in teaching and growing organic food, as well as consulting and designing permaculture gardens.
We created a beautiful space for holistic workshops, where Jani also offers healing sessions. In summer sessions can be done in the forest, at a beautiful spot surrounded by ferns and fynbos. 


Activities We Offer

Spend Some Time With Us


Sustainable living tour

With this tour of our house, garden and surroundings we will share sustainable living ideas.


Meditation & Forest walks

Nature meditations, guided meditations, etc. Allow the forest to share its magic with you..

Working in the Garden


Learn to grow your own organic vegetables, how to prune fruit trees, build a fire bath.. or a house using natural materials!


Fire bath

Enjoy a fire bath under clear skies & stars, surrounded by the sounds of the night & the ocean. Water is warmed gently by a fire made underneath a bathtub, to which a bundle of herbs are added.

Healing & Inner balance

Join in our monthly Constellation Circles, or request individual healing sessions: in-person, distant or via Zoom.

Image by Sarah Brown

Nearby activities

Enjoy kayaking the Serpentine, birdwatching, many beautiful hikes like The Big Tree hike, surfing, paragliding, cycling, rock climbing, swimming in the ocean.. all within a 15km range from us!

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous.”



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