LovingFlow Testimonials:

Dear Jani - that was quite amazing - thank you. Definitely made me more relaxed and feeling the flow xxx WV

Gentle yet powerful. Feminine, which is an energy that we need right now and I don't mean "The future is female - screw you men" kind of feminine but the power in nurturing, unconditional love energy, leading through guiding in a whisper so loud. SS

I felt a really beautiful shift during the practice today.. thank you..

The mass is almost completely gone, can still feel the energy clearing things out as I type this and I am feeling SO much happier and alive!
Thank you so much for this!
Grateful indeed!
Much love, MM

I sense an underlying calm and happiness. My days are usually very rushed, with me often feeling pressed for time.. feeling so open and still after a session :) What a gift, thank you Jani!


A constant, nagging anxiety in me made way for stillness and calm. Endlessly grateful. SA


My whole being feels more at peace  than ever before. I noticed this profound shift after the second session, and the inner peace continues to deepen. - PS


Lovingflow creates an oasis of stillness and slowing down in my daily life. A beautiful and powerful resource - thank you! J


I found it to be a profound tool in my journey of healing from severe complex trauma. TJ


After a month of doing the method, I noticed an increase in my energy levels. My TMJ issues are much better. And I feel more alive and present. More engaging with life. AT