Riding waves of uncertainty & receiving their gifts! & of Namibia, desert elephants, Bali

Updated: Jun 9

It's been a long while since the last newsletter I've sent out.. (a déjà vu sentence that I've seen regularly in the few email newsletters I'm subscribed to.. which tells me that many others are also using their energy to hold on to their rollercoaster seats!)

As rollercoasters go, there are some quiet, slow patches in between as well - small & far in between.. and so, all the more to be treasured in these times pf turmoil and inner shifts.

And that's the thing.. When Life throws you in at the deep end of the pool, you learn to swim!

And the further it is from the shore - should you be so lucky as to be thrown into the ocean - you learn to swim more efficiently, build stamina, and trust.

It becomes less of a frantic kicking about to stay afloat - as it's too energy consuming.. and you learn to surrender and befriend the waves, the underlying currents, erratic weather patterns out on the ocean.. and the beautiful sea life..

You learn to attune to all the subtle whisperings of the elements.. and your own soul..

And at some stage, you start to get glimpses of the stillness, support and magic that's just there.. underneath all the turmoil and chaos.. calling you home.

I'm sure you can relate to this, as most of us have been affected by external and internal shifts in the collective turmoil over the past 2,5 years..

I moved back to Namibia in February, all the while feeling like a chess piece being picked up by a divine Hand and moved swiftly across the board. No reasons given, no clarity as to why I need to go, nothing... just 'You go!'

I've never experienced anything like this before, and my mind put up quite the fight.. but lost. The pull was just too great.

So here I am, still waiting for the whole picture to reveal itself, while receiving a random puzzle piece now and again.. (yay).. (and sometimes YAY!!)

BUT.... yes, this is a huge BUT! - Through all of the external and internal changes and uncertainties.. we learn that the only place to be is in the eye of the storm.. we learn to blindly trust, and to give up expectations and control.. to give up plans and ideas of what constitutes a happy life.. or how life should look like..

And this state of being (I wanted to write mindset, but it's so much more than that) places us in a magical spot..

A spot where Life can happen as me.. not anymore to me, for me, or even through me.. (as even the channel has been thrashed in the rough storms!)

The 'I' becomes less and less.. a 'nothingness' with not much identity left to it.. and instead becomes more & more merged with Life itself, with its ebbs and flows..

And then, synchronicities happen.. chance encounters with just the right people, circumstances, and ideas that pop in seemingly from nowhere, oh - and new passions based on what you really love (in my case nature & therapy;) - and you just take the Observer seat.. and watch the colourful movie of Life magically unfolding.. in it's own perfect timing 💫

Some of the things that are taking shape in my dreams currently, are:

nature retreats at powerful places in Namibia - like Spitzkoppe, the desert, Waterberg..

interspecies communication retreats with desert elephants in Damaraland (this year) and hopefully(!) with gorillas in Uganda next year..

deeply transformational holistic retreats at soul nourishing, exotic places like Bali (planned for early next year!!)

and a few other ideas that are still being nourished.. taking more shape before they're ready to be shared ;)

For us as a collective, this is a beautiful time rich with opportunities - to reinvent yourself and your life.. to allow wild dreams to take seed in you!

Instead of closing your heart in order to protect yourself from the storms.. take the chance to consciously keep your heart open - and if it gets thrashed.. there'll be even more room for new ways of being, and starting afresh!

Yes it's shit scary.. I absolutely know! - but Life is doing its thing regardless - you'll get to where it wants to take you eventually.

Either you get to your destination kicking and screaming all the way.. bruised up and exhausted..

Or you take the plunge and surrender to however Life wants to shape you and accept every storm as an opportunity for growth & deeper connection.. arriving at your destination, filled with awe and gratitude.. and brimming with excitement about the next adventure that waits around the bend!

Say Yes!! to Life.. with your whole being - this won't magically make storms disappear.. but will transform them into awe-inspiring natural wonders of nature - brimming with gifts of magic - insights, tremendous growth, reconnection and synchronicities..

I'm honouring your adventurous heart, bravery and trust..

and if you can't feel it, I promise you that it is there - at the core of your being..

Sensing is always easiest in the dark.. we all have 'inbuilt night vision'! - provided we don't get caught up in our fears and other distractions.. but that's why obstacles are there -to rid us of everything that obstructs clear seeing, and thus a state of flow..


With much Love,

Jani xx

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