'Weekly Light' for the year of 2021..

2021 is a 5 Universal Year according to numerology, which makes it a year of dynamic change.

The route to mastery in a 5 year is discipline and consistency.. It's all too easy to flit from project to project, idea to idea, under this cycle's energy of constant change and restlessness. 

When we implement a strategy, a routine for this year it will make the journey much more rewarding.

For the past month I've been feeling deeply inspired to offer weekly distant group 'sessions' for the whole year - quite a commitment... I did try to ignore it, but the message came to me again & again... I have to do this! 

So here is my offering:

Weekly inspired, channeled messages of inspiration, 'homework' and transmission of healing energy.

I'll do them every Sunday, or latest Monday morning between 5am and 10am, and send them via WhatsApp (preferable) or email.

These sessions are not meant to replace therapy sessions, but rather to supplement them and enhance your spiritual journey.

It's meant to assist you in taking responsibility and action steps on a consistent, committed spiritual path.


There are two subscription options: 

- Monthly R150 (reduced SADC fee due to the economy) - subscribe via the Payfast button below.  

   Others 20€ monthly (contact me for banking details)

- Once off yearly fee of R1200 for SADC residents or 150€ (contact me for payment details for both)