Cards & Constellations..??

Yes.. oracle cards can be used as representatives in constellations!

I use them often in distant sessions and am always surprised how beautifully enhancing their messages are of the overall constellation. They can represent different people or emotions, or feelings of being stuck etc.

An example:

I did a mini card constellation to tap into an upcoming full moon and also the theme for the group distant series to go with it.

Here is what came up for that card constellation:

For those that resonate, the full moon on the 14th is calling you to step into your Light, to share it with the world!

To have confidence in your unique gifts, and not hold back anymore.

It's time to Shine!

The first steps are.. to retreat, pay attention to the small signs & hunches, rest, gather your strength.. plan carefully..

The building on the card needs reinforcement - we need to work on creating a strong foundation/inner masculine that can hold the safe space for the moon- our vulnerable essence, to expand and share its essence & gifts.

- important steps before Be-ing fully!

Your biggest gift is your authentic essence - to be aligned with and be present in your Self.. your Light, your Power, your Be-ing.

The path ahead will become clear from that place of alignment & focus.

The card on the left (Details, details) represented 'you' (those who resonate) - spending time in quiet & contemplation, noticing and appreciating the sparks of light already within you.

The full moon was represented by the Solitude card.

Before I turned it around it felt beautifully expansive, compared to 'your' card -holding itself back a bit.

But when the cards merged (after the healing) you could surrender.. releasing fears & loyalties holding you back.

On the Moon (solitude) card is movement - from a place of stillness on the left - the waxing moon, to the upward reaching tower to the bright, switched-on light on the right.

The series *might include distant sessions, intuited recorded meditations, energy healing, channeled messages & insights.

*I've been doing group distant sessions for 8 years now (just counted!) & every session/series is different, always guided beautifully as to the modalities to be used 🙏

No need to attend online, or do anything specific - the healing effects will reach you at a time best for you, and you can read through the feedback & listen to the meditations in your own time.

I love the versatility of constellations... so many different objects can be used, and one can address any theme - from business related issues, to personal questions and intergenerational issues.

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