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Dream interpretation with Constellations!

Updated: Jun 9

Dreams and visions are powerful ways our subconscious uses to communicate with us.

If the dreams/visions are repetitive or intense, there's all the more urgency to the messages and the call for awareness and integration.

During a Dream Constellation, we are offered a beautiful opportunity to interpret various elements (& the dynamics between them!) by embodying all of these.

Similar to family and systemic constellations, we gain deeper insights and understanding of underlying meanings of the symbolic messages of the subconscious.

The next step in the constellation is to bring about healing of the revealed inner dynamics.

This takes place through intuited healing movements and/or -sentences, sound, soul retrieval, energy healing or other techniques - the constellation field always shows the most efficient way to bring about healing and integration in any system.

Interested in interpreting any of your recurring dreams, or a recent vision?

I offer Dream Constellations as remote sessions (with feedback afterwards) or online on Zoom, where you can take part in the process!

Happy dreaming! Xx

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