A client's experience with Constellations

Updated: Jun 9

Constellation Therapy (Family & Systemic) are my go to when I need emotional or psychological support from a professional.

After having moved and lived in six different spaces over a period of 18 months during the Covid-19 pandemic my inner being felt scattered, evident in my ‘fight, flight, freeze’ response being incongruent with day to day reality. I found myself frozen and stuck inside with a desire to move forward and flourish. My external reality was inviting wild blossoming, yet inside I had an overwhelmed child needing stillness to land and integrate.

Inspired by Zulu wisdom and structural beliefs around family, Bert Hellinger developed the multi-dimensional group process of constellations to open the way towards healing unconscious family wounds and patterns developed at an early age. This type of therapy has ways of getting to the root of a problem where there is a wound that is calling and ready for attention. Unaddressed, wounds play out and amplify self-destructive behaviours eventually negatively affecting ones external reality.

In my current case I had created a beautiful external life, after an extreme tumultuous period, yet I still had underlying grief needing space to process and release.

I was blessed and grateful to come across Jani Schneider (family, systemic, spiritual and nature constellations therapist and more!).

Her profoundly grounded presence and ability to sense into her body to assist me felt like an act of deep devotion.

I entered the session (held via Zoom) wanting to work with and ‘melt’ my freeze response.

With what felt like effortless ease, Jani helped me drop straight down from the noise of my analytical mind directly into my body and heart.

Her compassion and care immediately melted me, while her curiosity towards my difficult emotions allowed expression and spaciousness for my inner child to be heard.

My favourite part, where my entire being and inner child relaxed, is when she said that we don’t need to heal anything. Wow! What a relief.. There’s so much messaging out there in the therapeutic world that creates pressure to heal, or a message that you’re incomplete if you don’t ‘heal’.

The moment of healing often happens though when we’re not trying to pressurize ourselves into healing. Jani’s superpowers, presence and acceptance, created sweet moments of natural healing for my inner child.

A few months later I was fortunate to participate in an online constellation circle hosted by Jani, focusing on the topic of Love and Relating.

It was humbling to vividly sense the common challenges that participants in the group faced. Again, there was no need to ‘fix’ anything but rather to co-create space to simply ‘be’ and invite supporting aspects to hold us.

Jani’s calmness and sensitivity to subtle energy field/s opened up opportunity for ‘allowing’. Giving all aspects of ourselves ‘stage time’ to be acknowledged, seen and brought into balance.

Working in a group in this way demonstrated the power of processing and healing in a collective space – highly effective!

I highly recommend an individual or group constellation with Jani if you’re looking to shift your inner and outer world towards harmony, purpose, love & presence!

The ripple effects of this magical energetic work reach far beyond our own understanding…probably for several generations to come.

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