Life equals movement, flow, and expansion. 

The more life there is in a system, the more healthy it is. 

The more resilience it has.


Movement is natural. Stagnation sometimes happen in nature, but it's always short-lived and temporary. Nature supports flow. Everything in nature is constantly moving and recreating itself. This is the essence of Life. 

This is why Life gives us messages to address sickness, through symptoms in our bodies and emotional difficulties. 


With trauma and built-up everyday stress and repeated emotional patterns, pain and injury, there is restricted movement. 

Energy cannot flow so easily anymore and becomes stagnated. 

Like too many pebbles piled up in a stream hindering the flow of fresh water through the river and the lake it's feeding. It can't reach the ocean. 

This reminds of a well-known German song: “A river goes on a journey.. still and quiet.. back to the ocean.. A river goes on a journey.. back to the ocean. Mother Earth carries me, I'm your child and always will be.. I am and always was your child - I'm your child forever more.”


With time, flow becomes more restricted, until one day the bucket overflows and physical symptoms appear. Exhaustion, burnout, body aches and pains, compromised immunity, digestive issues etc. 

If we've been exposed to childhood or other trauma, that bucket is already halfway filled.

An empty bucket means more resilience!

"Love is the biggest protection of all"

This is the overarching message in a constellation session after having been robbed at gunpoint in 2016. It was clear in the constellation that there was a very powerful divine Love present during the robbery that protected and shielded us from harm. 


And at this time of global anxiety, the message that I'm receiving repeatedly, is to focus on Love.

Love is our saving grace, our North Star. It will guide us and keep us safe. 

We can either drown in adversity, or it can serve our empowerment, growth and healing.

The choice is ours. 

In every moment we get to decide. 

(and ultimately there are no wrong choices!)


"How to empower others to be able to do the healing work on their own?" This is a question I've been pondering for many years. My own healing journey has led me to two answers. One, that we are not meant to do it on our own.

And two, that we are able to do a lot of inner 'work' and balancing on our own, when supported! 

So it's not 'either or' but both!


LovingFlow is combining my love for energy healing with my deep inner call and love for group therapy.

It's the culmination of many different therapy modalities and 17 years of practicing and filtrating them to form a solid but fluid foundation.

It's at the heart of every session I offer, whether it's an in-person or distant healing session, for a group, a baby or a beloved pet. 

And this is what has been placed in my heart to share with you. 

To be honest, I've had my fair share of self-doubt, procrastination, fears etc. surfacing during the past year of creating LovingFlow. 

But the call to do it always remained the stronger voice!


The creation process was about making the work I do accessible and easy to understand, sense and apply. I always thought it's impossible to 'translate', but once I started, it was as if it formed by itself. As if LovingFlow always existed and just needed my trust and willingness to surrender. Even the name LovingFlow, was there right from the beginning.. 

I am deeply grateful for the divine guidance I received during the whole creation process, as well as during sessions.

Deep down I know that it was created for very specific individuals and that it will reach their hearts with love and nurturing.


Each session/class is different as it's inspired and intuitively guided by the current energy field of the group. This means that individuals will receive what they need in every session (although it might not always be pleasant!).

Spontaneity and an openness for all possibilities form the basis of sessions.

It's accompanied by a transmission of healing energy from me, as well as the group's loving presence.


LovingFlow benefits:

  • Holistic approach - enabling very gentle but permanent healing where needed

  • Create flow, movement, expansion to emotional and physical 'stuck places'

  • Enabling the holding of space for difficult emotions and sensations, which is the cornerstone of healing 

  • Teaching self-regulation 

  • A self-help technique 

  • An easy & practical tool for personal growth 

  • Increases a sense of belonging and safety 

  • Gentle form of movement for trauma processing, as the movements are intrinsic and originating from within the own body - no movement is imposed or directed from outside

  • All done within the framework of Love - a consistent and unconditional holding space as resource.

  • An unlearning of social conditioning of 'how I should look like/behave/feel" - as everything is allowed, every movement, imagination, feeling, thought

  • Supportive post-therapy tool, enabling integration and grounding 

  • Improves digestion as well as cognitive function due to its positive and direct effect on the vagal system 

  • Healing subconscious patterns 

  • With time, a tool to apply in relationships with others: listening with a loving, open heart. And being more present. Both of which is deeply healing.

  • Builds resilience in daily life - by feeling safe in the face of difficult situations and emotions, and knowing how to self-regulate

  • Tool for therapists to enhance  listening skills and the holding of a healing space 


This method forms the foundation of all sessions I offer - individual, group and distant work, and my sincere wish is that it will serve to deepen your own connection with your body, mind, soul and Love itself.




"A friend recommended LovingFlow as support during this challenging time.  I find it very helpful and soothing and will definitely continue with it. It provides me with an anchor in daily life."

— SJ

For the month of April, all LovingFlow group sessions will be available for free!! 

To take part, click here!

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LovingFlow meditation

An intuitive inner movement meditation to soothe the nervous system and assist with self-regulation - to move from anxiety/stress/overwhelm to calmness. 
Containing elements of Constellation work, trauma therapy, and the unwinding process of craniosacral therapy, one hand represents fear/bodily tension and the other hand represents Love. 
Both are invited to take part in an 'inner dance' between these two different aspects.
It brings movement into a system that feels constricted with tension. 
Movement equals Life and freedom.